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Helping Business Owners Exit with Confidence

Trusted M&A Advisors Since 1991

As a merger and acquisition advisory firm, we are devoted to helping business owners successfully exit their companies and capture the proceeds of their life investment. 

Completing a transaction requires a carefully crafted strategy. We have developed a process and operating principles which allow us to deliver on our clients' financial and personal goals.

We don't just talk about helping business owners reach a successful sale. We have proven we can accomplish it 150 times. 

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A Message from Bryce DeGroot, President

Client Successes

We've helped 150 companies succeed

Our clients have built market-leading companies in their respective industries. And they have successfully exited their companies and moved on to the next chapter of life. 

Peak Value Exit Process

For entrepreneurs

The Peak Valuetm

Process was built for entrepreneurs. We know that when you invest your life and sacrifice much to build a company, you want to confidently make the best decision about your exit. That often looks like wanting to get the highest value while leaving your employees and customers in good stead. By employing value driven steps and a deep network, we help you build value and navigate the process of selling your company, with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve a successful outcome.

Compass Capital Network

A first look at companies we represent

Our proprietary Compass Capital Networktm consists of direct relationships with over 300 buyers who represent billions of dollars of capital seeking to invest in private companies. Our Network includes high net worth individuals, private-equity investors, private companies and public companies.

To learn more or become a member, click HERE.

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