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Download Kaspersky Protection Extension for Chrome from the Web Store [Updated]

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 automatically installs a single extension for Chrome from the Web Store, it is Kaspersky Protection . After installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, it installs multiple extensions into theChromebrowser such as Anti-Banner, Dangerous Websites Blocker, Kaspersky URL Advisor, Safe Money and Virtual Keyboard.

Since Google has changed its policy to not allow extension installs from outside the Web Store fromChrome 33onwards in Windows, Kaspersky Labs has releasedPatch F,which, when installed with the database update, addsKaspersky Protection extensionfromChrome Web Storeto the browser automatically, you need to enable it when notified by the browser menu.

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UPDATE: The Kaspersky Protection download link has been updated for Kasperksy 2017 products, if you’re using Kaspersky 2016 & 2014 on your computer, visit link16  this link14

New Kaspersky Protection Chrome Extension

Kaspersky Protection (Chrome Web Store link for v2017) Extension offers the functionality of Dangerous Website Blocker, Safe Money and Virtual Keyboard. After enabling it, those extensions installed by Kaspersky 2014 including Anti-banner, Kaspersky URL advisor

will be hard-disabled, you can’t enable them. You can safely remove or delete them from extensions page and of no use.

Kaspersky Protection Extension Chrome

Note: This article has been updated on July 29, 2016.

Note: When you perform a clean or fresh install of Kaspersky Internet Security 2015, Kaspersky Protection is the only one extension that gets installed in the Chrome browser.

Fix: AVPTool Installation failed error followed by BSOD after restart with Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

You can uninstall it from the extensions page, but it gets reinstalled automatically as long as you’re using Kaspersky. If you don’t want that to happen

1. Open KIS interface, click on ‘Settings’ at the bottom of it,

2. Once the Settings window opens, click on Protection Center>Web Antivirus>Advanced Settings  under web browser extensions uncheck or remove tick mark for ‘ Automatically activate application plug-ins in all web browsers ‘

disable kaspersky extensions in browsers

KAV 2014 and KIS 2014 New Features Explained

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