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Measure your business’ cloud aptitude.


August 25, 2016BT Let’s Talk

Take the Cisco Business Cloud Advisor assessment in partnership with BT to gain a better understanding of how your organisation can leverage more value from the cloud.

Clear benefits of using the cloud.

Cloud services are helping organisations to increase cost savings, improve agility and accelerate time to market across multiple industries. So it’s no surprise if you’ve taken advantage of them already. In fact, many people reading this will already use multiple cloud solutions throughout their IT estate.

What you might find more challenging, however, is navigating your way through managing the choice of services. Making sure that your traditional IT, as well as public, private and hybrid clouds work together harmoniously to give you as much value as possible is a complex process.

But, although this process can be difficult, it’s certainly worth the effort. An optimised cloud strategy can lead to significant business benefits, including:

• 77 per cent reduction in IT costs • 200 per cent improvement in strategic allocation of IT budget

• 10 per cent revenue growth.

Can my organisation get more from the cloud?

The question you might well ask is: how do I find out if my organisation can make more of our cloud investments?

Well, we have an answer for you.

Implement the right cloud strategy for your organisation.

Our answer is Cisco

Business Cloud Advisor in partnership with BT.

Cisco Business Cloud Advisor, developed with IDC in partnership with BT, is a framework which, after a questionnaire, provides you with independently sourced, fact-based tips to take into account when making business and IT decisions for transitioning to cloud services.

Using unbiased primary research, conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC), Cisco Business Cloud Advisor, in partnership with BT, will use a structured or questionnaire-based approach to systematically learn about your organisation and its IT. Then, based on your answers, with the help of our cloud subject matter experts, we’ll compile a report detailing exactly where you are on your cloud journey, and what you can do to optimise your cloud strategy.

Benchmark against the competition.

On top of giving you a clear understanding of optimised cloud strategy, the report has the added advantage of letting you know how your cloud adoption efforts compare with those of other companies in your industry, country, and business-size.

And, understanding where you are on the adoption scale compared to your competition will help you decide what you need to do to keep pace.

So what are you waiting for?

Complete the online self-service cloud-readiness assessment today.

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