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  • Free Debt Advice
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Get Free Debt Help

At PayPlan we understand the impact that debt can have on you, your family and your life. But, unlike other debt management companies, we believe that you can, and should, live a happy life whilst repaying your debt.

"I have been with Payplan for many years and in about 4 years i will be debt free , one easy affordable payment each month on a date that suits me , don`t bury your head in the sand like i did , Payplan will help you get your life back on track , and help you sleep at night."

Tony - November 2016

Debt solutions we advise on

When you contact PayPlan we will advise on a wide range of debt solutions so you have a choice. We will check what you qualify for and recommend what solution will be the most affordable and manageable for you. Below is just some of the debt solutions we advise on.

If you’ve been advised that your existing DMP company is closing down (or has already closed for business), you should act now without delay to find an alternative way of dealing with your debts.

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Compare DMP fees

Did you know not every company charges for a DMP?Entering into a debt management plan is a good way to regain control of your debts. We can communicate with your creditors on your behalf so you can make reduced payments that are more affordable, and the best part we do it for FREE. Unlike some companies, we don't charge our clients fees for a DMP so every penny you pay into your plan goes on reducing your debts.

The table below lets you compare debt management companies and their DMP fees.

Gregory Pennington No 18.5% £38.50 - £90
Baines & Ernst Yes - a setup fee of £240 is required 20% £40 - £100
Debt Advisory Line Yes - a setup fee of £40 is required Rate varies £30 - £55
Money Plus Yes - the amount varies 17.5% £30 minimum

If you want every penny you pay to go on reducing your debts, contact us TODAY.

Call FREE on 0800 280 2816, or complete and submit our callback request form >>>

*Charges are made by these other debt management companies for the arrangement of a Debt Management Plan (information correct as of 15th December 2016).

View an example IVA

Did you know you could write off 70%* of your debts with an IVA, and that you could be debt free in 5 years? An IVA is a great way to become debt free fast. If you pay what you can afford for a set period of time, your creditors will write off the rest of your debts. *In

2014 our associated company, PayPlan Partnership Limited wrote off, on average, 71.94% of debt for their IVA customers.

The example below shows you how you could benefit from an IVA.

Debt: £20,000 Creditors: 3
was paying:
per month
now paying:
per month
Total debt written off: £11,000

In this example, the IVA client was able to get 55% of their debts written off. £11,000 of the client's total debt was written off at the end of their IVA.

Your creditors will need to agree to your IVA, and monthly payments will be based on your individual circumstances. Your credit rating will be affected. Fees will be added to your IVA, but not charged additionally, and are subject to individual circumstances. Read more about what an IVA is here.

Speak to one of our qualified advisers today to see if you qualify for an IVA.

Call FREE on 0800 280 2816, or complete and submit our callback request form >>>

Money Advice ServiceTo find out more about managing your money and sources of free financial advice, visit the Money Advice Service. It's an independent service, set up by the government to help people make the most of their money.


The amount of people we give FREE DEBT ADVICE to, on average, each week


The total amount of debt WRITTEN OFF for PayPlan Partnership Limited clients in 2015.


The amount of people we gave FREE CONFIDENTIAL DEBT ADVICE to in 2015.


The average debt level of our clients last year, BEFORE we helped them.

What our Clients say

We work hard to ensure we give our clients the best help and advice possible. We talk them through every suitable debt solution and offer continued support and assistance for as long as they need us. As a result of our service, our clients have left us some fantastic feedback andreviews.

After consulting a debt help agency I was put in touch with Payplan and thereafter they arranged for me to enter into an IVA. This has been running now for several months and has worked very well for me. I had been under tremendous strain because of my debt situation and I am now able to manage my finances without the constant stress and worry which I suffered previously. Payplan explained all of the options open to me; the staff were always helpful and reassuring and guided me through the entire process. I would recommend Payplan to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to myself.

Sandra - April 15
Trustpilot_logo_on_white stars-e1445598977945

" Excellent service- couldn't be happier "

Our customers love what we do. We have loads of great customer reviews submitted impartially to Trust Pilot.

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