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::: Yanni & Associates Investment Advisors, LLC :::

Today’s complex markets and economy presents investors with challenges in creating and maintaining a solid investment strategy. With such important issues surrounding your family’s financial security…ARE YOU PREPARED TO FACE THIS CHALLENGE ALONE?Ask yourself:

  • Am I knowledgeable enough with today’s sophisticated investment vehicles?
  • Who will take care of my loved one’s finances should something happen to me?
  • Can I trust this person?
  • Will your Financial Advisor actually manage your assets? Or, are they more interested in selling you high-commission products and employing the “set-it-and-forget-it-method”?

Let us partner with you!Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Yanni & Associates Investment Advisors, LLC (YAIA) has been providing Investment Management Services to its clients since 2007.  It is a fee-based, Registered Investment Advisor, which makes it a Fiduciary. Being a Fiduciary means that by law, YAIA is obligated to place its clients’ interests ahead of its own. As of 2016, YAIA manages approximately $60 million with clients across 16 different states. It manages a variety of accounts including Personal Assets,

Trusts, IRAs, Corporate Accounts, Custodial Accounts, 529 Plans, and others. We are experienced in working with:

  • Corporate Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, and other working professionals
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Retirees and their Spouses
  • Widows and Widowers
  • Wealthy Individuals and their Trust Funds

We are a small family business that provides thorough and ongoing communication to clients. YAIA does have a $250,000 asset minimum; we also offer one-time consultations for those families who may not meet our asset minimum.

Matthew A. Yanni is also individually licensed to sell life and long-term care insurance.  These are the only commission products offered.  While we do not “lead” with insurance products, they are still available to our clients for situations that make sense according to their estate plan.

Please click here to read our Fourth Quarter 2016 Newsletter.  

Yanni & Associates Investment Advisors, LLC

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