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Internet Explorer Content Advisor information and help.

Internet ExplorerThe Content Advisor is a feature included in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 and higher. It allows users to block content, approve or disapprove the viewing of a web page, set up rating passwords, and much more.

How do I enter or setup Internet Explorer Content Advisor?

Content Advisor can be entered by performing the steps below.

  1. Within Microsoft Internet Explorer click the Tools menu, Internet Options.
  2. Within Internet Options click the Content tab and click the Enable... button.

Within the Content Advisor window you have the below four tabs that can be used.

  • Ratings - This section allows a user to set the rating levels for language, nudity, sex, and violence. As you move the bottom slider from left to right, Internet Explorer gives you a brief description of what will be prohibited at the rating of the slider.
  • Approved Sites - Enables the user to approve

    or prohibit a specific URL from being viewed.

  • General - Allows the user to perform additional tasks such as setting up a supervisor password and implement other system settings.
  • Advanced - Allows a user to obtain ratings from a ratings bureau or specify PICS Rules.

How to remove the Internet Explorer Content Advisor password.

  1. Open the Registry by clicking Start, Run, and typing "Regedit".
  2. Open the below Registry folders.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPolicies


  3. In the right portion of the window you should see a binary value called Key. Delete this value by highlighting it and pressing the delete key on your keyboard.
  4. Once this has been deleted, open the Content advisor once again and click the Disable button. If prompted for a password, do not type anything and click ok. Newer versions may require that you specify a new password; if this is the case, type the new password you want to use.

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