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Everything you need to run your Paperless business

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Powerful, integrated & fully customizeable Safety First solution

  • * Simple safety checklists through to comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • * Perfect for Pre-Starts, Toolbox Talks, Safe Work Method Statements & more.
  • * Safety Forms can be completely customized for your business
  • * Tagged Photos, On-Screen Signatures, Time Date & GPS Stamped.

Job Safety is one of the keys to a successful operation and now this revolutionary module ensures it is easier than ever to monitor the safety processes of your business. The Safety First module can be as simple as a quick checklist before starting a job right through to comprehensive Risk Assessments and Incident / Near Miss Report. The forms used can be completely customized to suit your business - the flexibility is very powerful. Management have visibility on the status of all job related safety processes. Notifications can be set up to remind field users and management if forms have not been completed by specified times and all records are archived for instant access and review.

Benefit: Keep your team safe and impress everyone with your safety program.

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Fully customizable job forms to suit your business perfectly

  • * Use our ready to go industry templates, or
  • * Build your own forms using the intuitive drag and drop Form Builder, or
  • * Send us your form and we will formitize it for you
  • * More than 20 amazing features to collect information

As a global leader in mobile forms, Formitize includes a feature rich library of tools you can add to your forms to collect more information effortlessly. From a one page Job Record to a sixty page Inspection Report enabling different forms to be associated to a Job for completion. The forms can be added during the Job Setup, or can be added manually on the job. Use the pre-built industry forms or build your own using the drag and drop form builder or send us your form and we will build it for you. Real-time status of each form is always available giving management amazing visibility of progress.Whatever forms are needed for your business, we will have a solution.

Benefit: Your Job Forms can be customized to suit your business perfectly.

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Simple to use, real-time reporting based Timesheet solution.

  • * Record hours in real-time for one or more people
  • * Link your cost & charge rates to a Job or Invoice
  • * Instant reports for Payroll
  • * Integrate with accounting solutions such as Xero

Time sheets are a challenge for so many businesses. Timesheets can be added as either as a separate form or linked to Job Forms and will transform your business and provide visibility that just hasn’t been possible before. Record hours for one or more people using the Timesheets. You can link cost and charge rates to be applied to invoices or use the solution to generate timesheets for the individual or teams - all fully integrated. Full flexibility on charge types and rates is available and beautiful integration to accounting systems such as Xero.

Benefit: Time tracking reduces all the delays and errors of paper timesheets

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Integrated, Smart Invoicing & Quoting will change your business.

  • * Fully Customizable Quotes & Invoices
  • * Instant invoicing improves cash flow
  • * Take instant mobile payments in the App
  • * Integrate beautifully with your Accounting Software

Create a fully customizable Quote or Invoice that can be emailed as PDF straight to the client. Professionally designed and linked to your product or services list to save time and improve accuracy. The integrated Mobile Payment Gateway is also available enabling you to take payment instantly onsite without leaving the App. All elements can be fully integrated into existing accounting systems such as Xero.

Benefit: Simple to use, fully integrated quoting and invoicing improves efficiency

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Recording and monitoring expenses has never been so easy.

  • * Simple recording of all expenses
  • * Tag to a Job or to the business
  • * Take instant photo of receipt
  • * Real-time visibility of all job related expenses

Record all job related costs with ease. Attach supplier details, sub-contractors expenses, job purchases and more with tax details and take a photo of the receipt to be retained against the job. Management have great visibility of all Job related expenses as they are being added. Every expense instantly collected, assigned and recorded. All details can also be integrated with your accounting systems such as Xero - your accountant is going to love you!

Benefit: Easy to use, with all expenses easily recorded for the business or job in just seconds.

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Professional reporting that will impress everybody.

  • * Send instant professional reports to clients and staff
  • * Real-time reporting on all aspects of your business
  • * Super useful stats on your business provides incredible visibility
  • * Impress clients, staff and suppliers with incredible reports.

Instantly generated and professionally styled PDF reports will impress your clients, staff and suppliers. Your invoices, quotations, work forms and safety reports are all delivered with a consistent, professional look. Reporting also includes real-time visibility and statistics on every element of your business from your phone, tablet or desktop and with full API integration, other systems you use can be automatically updated.

Benefit: Give a great first impression with professional, impressive & real-time reporting

Just when you thought this can't get any better

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Take debit and credit cards payments instantly without leaving the App.

  • * Take instant credit card payments without leaving the app
  • * Fully secure & compliant card

    detail management

  • * Integrate payment amounts straight into form
  • * Save money on separate card payment processors

The fully integrated mobile payment gateway enables users to collect credit card payments instantly, onsite without leaving the app. When you complete the invoice within Formitize, the card payment window appears. No more delays in getting paid with instant payment. The process is completely secure and compliant ensuring that all privacy standards are maintained and personal details are managed correctly. Accepted cards include Visa, MasterCard and American Express, right out of the box.

Benefit: Improve cashflow by securely taking instant payments onsite without leaving the app.

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Instant notifications with route guidance to the job location

  • * Users receive Job Notification alert for new jobs
  • * Job contains Job Details and all Forms required for the Job
  • * Includes GPS route guidance from current location to site
  • * Real-time updates on Job progress

No more paper run sheets, lost details or mistakes with the integrated Job Notifications solution. Users are automatically updated with Job Notifications with all job related details included. The Job includes GPS location and route guidance from the User’s current location to job site location. Jobs are ordered chronologically and all required details are visible on one screen. All forms for the job are included and the status of the job is updated in real-time giving management great visibility on the status of all jobs from Assigned to Accepted to Complete or Overdue.

Benefit: Paperless Run Sheets with GPS routing improve operations and visibility

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  • * Upload documents to the portal and everyone has access
  • * All of your documents in one centrally managed location
  • * Perfect for Safety, MSDS, Procedures, Policies, Catalogs & more
  • * Full Version Control with integrated Document Expiry Notifications

The perfect document control system to ensure that everybody in the business has access to the right documentation (and only the latest versions!) Upload a document to your Management Portal and both office and mobile staff will have instant access. Simply name your own folders, upload your documents, set expiry dates and your fully integrated document management system is live. You control who can view the documents. No more bulky folders being carried around, no more old document versions. If a new price list, product list or catalog is released, simply update the e-Library and everybody instantly has access only to the new versions.
The eLibrary includes a notification to advise the administrator when a document such as a Material Safety Data Sheet is approaching its expiry date to ensure compliance.

Benefit: Everybody has access to the latest versions of documents at all times.

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  • * Save time & reduce errors by linking forms to you data tables
  • * Upload existing databases that can be accessed in your forms
  • * Perfect for Parts & Products Lists, Site Locations, Assets, Pricing & more
  • * Integrates seamlessly with Barcode & QR Code reader

By linking your forms to your databases you can save huge amounts of time and reduce data entry errors. For example, simply enter product details or scan a barcode in the form and all related product information will automatically populate the fields of your form - fields such as product code, price, description, product notes and more. As an Asset Management tool you can scan products as they are being checked or used and your Asset Database can be automatically adjusted providing a powerful stock and asset management solution.

Benefit: Save time and improve accuracy by linking databases to your forms

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Fully integrated advanced drawing tool makes life so much easier

  • * Simply import photos and draw on them
  • * Import floor plans, or sitemaps and draw on them
  • * Five layers including Background, Grid, Content, Text and Legend
  • * Drag and Drop legend icons onto your drawing.

The Advanced Drawing tool is fully integrated and saves so much time. Import photos, diagrams, site maps, floor plans or any image and instantly be able to draw, sketch and make comments straight onto the image. Also included is a powerful legend icon feature - simply drag and drop icons onto the floor plan to show work done or as a quoting tool. In addition to site maps and plans, the image background has many other applications from vehicle diagrams for damage checks to body diagrams for safety related pain location - the applications are endless.

Benefit: A picture tells a thousand words - drawing on images saves time and adds great value

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Schedule your People & Assets for one off and recurring jobs

  • * Simple calendar layout with drag and drop job creation
  • * Manage your People and your Assets and combine to jobs
  • * Live monitoring on Job Status and GPS location
  • * View in Calendar, Data Row or Map View

From simple one off jobs to complex recurring job profiles such as maintenance contracts, you can plan and schedule both your People and your Assets from anywhere with the Cloud Scheduler. Create a job with a simple drag and drop on the calendar and assign to a user. The User receives a Job Notification alert which includes route guidance from current location to job site. Watch as the status of the jobs update in real-time providing management with awesome visibility of job progress. View all the jobs in Calendar, Data or GPS Map modes to give different views of job locations and data. Unassigned Jobs populate on the right of the scheduler to then be simply dragged and dropped onto the Calendar to auto-assign and dispatch.

Benefit: Improve your efficiency with this simple to use, scheduler to manage your people and assets.

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