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Disable Content Advisor in Windows 7

Content Advisor is a tool for controlling the types of content that your computer can access on the Internet. This will show you how to enable or disable Content Advisor for all users in Windows 7. Content Advisor is disabled by default in Windows 7.

This tutorial will help to disable Content Advisor which is a tool fro control content accessible by your system for all users in Windows 7.By default, its disabled.

Depending on how you configure the settings for it, Content Advisor uses ratings that websites voluntarily provide to block or allow certain content. Because not all websites are rated, unrated websites are automatically blocked (but you can choose to allow them). Once you’ve adjusted the settings and turn Content Advisor on, it checks websites as you visit them.

Step 1

Open the Control Panel , and click on the Internet Options icon.


OR In Internet Explorer, click on Tools and Internet Options.


Step 2

If Content Advisor is enabled, select Content tab and press Disable button. If User access control (UAC) screen appear, press Yes button.



Step 3

Supervisor Password required window will appear, Type in your Content Advisor supervisor password and click on OK.


Step 4

It’s been disabled. Press OK for respective screens.


Note:You will need to do this while logged in to an administrator account.

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I have windows 7

When you say click “start” and choose “run”, where do I do this?

When I try to open Internet explorer, immediately a small window appears and asks for a password, which of course I don’t know. So, I cannot use Internet explorer at all, if this is where I need to initiate the “start and run” process.

Sorry for seeming so dumb.

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