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Virgin Mobile

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Well, I'm just explaining the experience that I have had with virgin mobile only when there's something wrong with my phone. This is just the past few months not counting the other years that I have been with virgin mobile.

Let me start off to say that I bought my phone from Wal-Mart for 50 dollars and it came with a year warranty. Since, I have got this phone, it's going on my sixth time if it happen again and one of them I paid for again because it had barely made the warranty date. I always pay my bill, sometimes it might be a little late but they get it and I know its not a contract phone but I pay a lot of money for my services a month, which I wont mind if i can get some better customer service.

Second thing, my picture messaging wasn't going through because it was stating that I needed to put money on my account and then it would work. I have unlimited. This was a problem that I didn't think was a technical problem that they could do themselves. So, they sent me to technical support and told me they had to handle it.

They told me that I had to wait three days and they are going to call me back and if I didn't hear from them then to give them a call. So of course, I called back like I always do in that situation. The representative told me that they're still working on it and that a storm hit. As they are telling me all this, I keep asking them do they understand what my problem is. They always answered yes and kept going. They told me to call back in 24 hours if I didn't hear from them.

They tried to tell me one more time that I had to wait 3 days all over again. I got upset at this point because I feel like nobody is really listening to me and they don't really know what my problem is, so i think about something. Just ask them to tell you what your problem is so you will know that they got it right. So, when I ask the lady can she repeat to me the problem that I am having (I said it 3 times). She said, "Yyour picture mail is not working." That's when I knew that they really didn't know.

After explaining to the representative what my problem was, over and over. She reset my account and the problem was fixed. I went through all that waiting for nothing. And that was on the 17th of July of this year. I got that handled a few days later my phone gets turned off because they didn't get my phone that was messed up (they just had to switch my phone again). The representative told me that, if he had seen the tracking code in the system then he could turn my phone back on.

He didn't find it, so he told me that I had two options. I could give them 25 dollars for price of half of the phone, or I could just wait with my phone off until they get the old phone back. I suggested that they just turn my service back on, right then and there and give me a courtesy of 2 to 3 days and if you still don't get it, turn my service off.

I knew that I had put the phone in the mail and I never gave them problems with not returning my old phone.He hung up on me.I spoke with another representative, she stated that there was nothing that no one could do, kept putting me on hold and I kept getting hung up on. I kept calling back, I asked to speak with only supervisors at this point, even they hung up on me. I was advising them to just look at my past account with them. I'm not getting anything and this is from supervisors.

Finally, I call and talk to a customer representative, he asked me my number and my v key and asked my problem. From that point on, took care of the whole situation. He put me on hold, looked at my account and all my notes from my experienced I had. He turned my service back on and said, I have been a good customer and apologized for all the other people I had spoke with before.

All that took no longer then 10 minutes. It took me over an hour and a half to deal with this. Now out of all trouble I went through, all I want is an upgraded phone the loft or the rumor touch (the rumor touch is the same price that virgin mobile cause me to loose). I have been with them for almost four years that's all I ask from them for my hard times. Thank you for hearing me out. I hope we can work something out.

I began with Virgin Mobile in June 2010. I selected the $25/month Beyond Talk plan which gives me 300 anytime minutes for voice as well as unlimited texting, email and web access. I also bought phones for two of my children and selected the same plans for them. Within the first month, first one and then the other of my daughters' phones no longer allowed them to type.

If they texted, tried to write an email or otherwise needed to type for going online, the entire phone shut down. As for my own phone, on July 15, I went online to restart my month. I was running low on voice minutes. After successfully paying my $25 for my same Beyond Talk Plan, I noticed the next morning that I was receiving an error message stating I would need to "top up" because my account was low on funds. What the heck? I just paid my monthly fee.

Well, it was asking for more money to allow me to text and to go online! I contacted customer service. First off, good luck getting someone who actually understands English. He told me the problem would be resolved by that evening. It was not. The next day, I called customer service again. This time, I was lucky enough to get someone who could speak English. I told her about being charged for texting and for data. She apologized and noted that I had already reported the problem and then promised to "escalate" it in the eyes of "headquarters".

She said she would call me back within an hour, at which point she assured me the issue would be resolved and I would be refunded any top up money I'd added to my account in order to keep my service operable (if I did not add money to my account, not only would I not be able to text or go online, but any incoming text would instead trigger an error message urging me to

top up my account and the message becomes lost forever. Even if you later top up, with not so much as the name of who'd sent it).

Well, no one called me back. So later that day, I called them again. This time, I got another person who could not speak English. I explained the problem again, noting I'd already been told it would be resolved, but had not. She threw a few dollars into my account for my trouble and then admitted she had no idea when the problem would be resolved. Funny how she so easily added to my account and yet their inability to charge my account correctly seems an impossibility to address. She said she could give me no further assistance, told me she did not know when my problem would be fixed and said that "headquarters" does not provide such information. I asked her what will happen if my issue was not resolved by the time the few dollars she'd put into my account were used up? She had no response other than the suggestion that I try to call them back.

Two days later, I still have not gotten anything resolved and they are still charging me for every text, every check of an email, every attempt to go online. I am sick and tired of dealing with their customer service. First off, it takes forever just to get past their Robot Alexa and his worthless menu of options to speak to a live rep and then they do nothing to resolve your issue anyway. Clearly, this company has and continues to rip me off. They should be avoided at all costs. I continue to be charged 15 cents per text and access to the web.

My choice is to either continue paying this extra charge as I attempt to get this straightened out or to lose these services and have texts come to me that are never delivered. I just changed my phone number when I switched to Virgin Mobile and have gone through the difficult process of notifying my clients. I do not want to have to go through that again because I've been forced to change carriers, but I guess that's what I will face if this is not resolved very soon.

In May 2010, Virgin Mobile "migrated" my phone, but did not migrate my account. I paid my bill via my online banking account at the end of May. I paid it to my old account number. Although I received notification that payment had been received, on June 12, I received a bill for a new account number, that said I was in arrears. I called Virgin Mobile on June 12, to tell them I had paid into the old account number, and could they please transfer the funds from the old account to the new account. On June 15, I received a text message saying that I was in arrears. On June 15, I sent an email to the complaints department. Because I did not hear from them, two days later I sent a second email. I sent a third email on June 28, but have still not heard from them.

On Saturday, June 26, I discovered that my phone has been suspended. I called customer service on Saturday, June 26, to try to resolve the issue. The only thing the girl I spoke to could do was reactivate my phone for the day. She said that she would also "escalate" my request, and billing would call me on Monday, when they opened. I received no call from the billing department, so I called Virgin Mobile on June 28, when I got home from work. Because billing was closed, there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but was told that was not possible. I insisted, but to no avail.

I called again today, during working hours, to be informed that there was no way I could speak to billing, and that no one talks to billing. Virgin Mobile was extremely unhelpful. I was only ever able to speak to the customer service representatives (though I was able to speak to a supervisor today, June 29). The only thing the reps can do is "escalate" my request. They would not forward me to management, or to any one who could actually do something about the problem. At one point, I was told that I could not talk to a manager, she only signs things, she does not talk to people. I have been without a phone for two weeks now, even though I have actually paid my bill, and paid it on time. I have wasted at least one full day talking to stupid reps, and worrying about this.

On May 2, 2010, I signed up for Virgin Mobile's unlimited talk for R49.99 using my debit card that was already on file. This was for my boyfriend's phone which I had just gotten for him. My phone was already set up for automatic payment for $49.99. I did this online on my laptop. Twice, I received a message saying it didn't go through and to try again or use a different card. I then tried to just put cash on the phone for $60. The $60 then went on my phone along with my auto top up. So my phone had unlimited talk and $60 cash on it, and nothing on Richard's phone. I called Virgin Mobile, and they transferred the $60 cash onto Richard's phone. All's well until I got my bank statement.

There were 3 withdrawals of $54.07 and one withdrawal of $65, so the two times it said to try again, that went through. It is now the end of June, and I still have not heard from anyone about where my $114.00 went. In May, they told me that it could take up to 60 days before I get this resolved. So June 3 came along, and in good faith, I purchased the unlimited everything plan for my phone at a cost of $60.00 since this is my only phone line.

My phone had service for one day, then Virgin Mobile suspended my service until my other dispute is over. So I have been without a phone for the whole month. And I got a message from Virgin Mobile saying if it is not resolved within 30 days, I lose my number and I am not entitled to be reimbursed the $60.00 totally unlimited plan money because I used the phone for one day before they suspended my account.

Obviously, if I had known they were going to suspend my account, I would not have bought any more minutes. I had been in touch with Virgin Mobile throughout the month of May, trying to get my $114.00 they overcharged me reimbursed. And they never once said anything to me about suspending my account.

I am on social security disability and receive $700 a month to live on; that is all I have, no other source of income. Virgin Mobile has got $200 of mine that I can't afford. I just called them and was told once again to get a hold of their fraud alert division. The way I see it is Virgin Mobile is the one committing fraud, and I don't know what else to do.

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