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What can RightFinancialAdvisor.com do for me?

Right Financial Advisor is a leading source for connecting investors and their families to local trustworthy financial professionals.  We introduce individual investors and their families to financial professionals suited to fit their needs. Unlike many other web-based advisor-finding solutions who match investors and advisors based solely on zip codes or asset minimums, Right Financial Advisor understands the broad spectrum of client needs and personalities and how this impacts their choice of advisors.

Do you collect any account information?

No, we do NOT collect any sensitive information such as:  Social Security numbers, bank account information, brokerage accounts, or other financial account information.

Who are the advisors on your platform?

The advisors on our platform come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Advisors found on RightFinancialAdvisor.com may work for a variety of different companies, or may be independent financial advisors.  The advisors on our platform may use a variety of titles to describe themselves such as:  financial advisor, financial adviser, investment advisor, investment adviser, financial planner, wealth manager, asset manager, financial professional, registered investment adviser, stock broker, broker, financial representative, money manager, etc.  An advisor’s title is NOT determined by Right Financial Advisor.  Titles are chosen by each individual advisor and may be subject to rules and regulations according to FINRA, SEC, or another government entity.

What areas of need do your advisors cover?

The advisors found on our platform cover a broad range of client needs.  The financial professionals on our platform can address a broad range of client needs.  Furthermore, they can offer a broad range of financial solutions including:  retirement planning, college planning, business succession planning, estate planning, general family financial planning, portfolio construction, and credit & debt strategies.

Is Right Financial Advisor a broker-dealer, wire house, RIA, wealth management firm, or mutual fund company?

No, our company has two functions. First and foremost, we are a matchmaking service that matches investors to financial advisors. Our second function is that we act as a marketing service for financial advisors. We do NOT receive any form of commission from our matchmaking process.

Is Right Financial Advisor a robo-advisor?

No, we are NOT a robo-advisor.  Right Financial Advisor does NOT offer investors any form of investment advice and we do NOT collect any account information.  We put the best technology available to work for investors and advisors.  We use our technology to connect investors to human advisors.  Our computer algorithms are designed to match investors to financial advisors.  However, our algorithms are NOT used to provide type of investment advice.

Why are there so many questions?

There are 20 must answer questions in order to create the minimum matching of an advisor to an individual looking to interview a prospective financial advisor. Those minimum questions are designed to create your financial profile. Those questions have been developed as a roadmap to proper financial planning regardless of using Right Financial Advisor or finding an advisor using some other method such as a plain Google search are casual referral.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

No! Only those questions highlighted in red are required to start the matching process. They are the basic building blocks of identifying your specific core financial needs and matching them to our list of advisors who have core competencies to address those needs. An example would be a family with a child with special needs. There exists only a small portion of the universe of financial advisors that have the expertise and the relationships with the legal and tax professionals needed to best offer advice to those families.

What is Advisor Chat?

Advisor Chat is a ground-breaking new way to connect with a financial advisor for the very first time.  Right Financial Advisor has developed this new video chatting feature in order to help introduce investors to advisors.

When can I use Advisor Chat?

After filling out your profile and getting matched to your top matches you may schedule a meeting via Advisor Chat with any or all of your matches.  Your right advisor then confirms the appointment and our program automatically sets up the meeting for the chosen time and date.  Both you and your advisor will be notified on the day of the Advisor Chat so that you may have your first meeting.

What are some of the features of Advisor Chat?

Advisor Chat is a unique video chat feature that helps facilitate an introduction between investors and advisors.  Advisor Chat enables investors and advisors to see and speak with each other while simultaneously sharing useful content in order to better understand one another.  The technical features of Advisor Chat include:

  • High definition video and voice
  • Screen sharing/ document presentation
  • Ability to annotate documents via virtual whiteboard
  • Multiple viewing modes
  • Can be accessed from any device with a webcam or camera (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Accessible to multiple users
  • Meetings can be launched from web browser with minimal software installation
  • All meetings are protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, AES 128 bit encryption

How does Advisor Chat add value to me?

“Advisor Chat” ensures investors that the advisor they were matched to is really the right match.  This feature allows many investors to feel more comfortable meeting their right advisor for the very first time.  Many investors have expressed that video chatting is extremely useful, because they feel less pressure meeting for the first time.  Advisor Chat also reinforces our promise that there is no obligation to sign up with any advisor, because they can exit the

video chat at any time.

How much does it cost to join Right Financial Advisor and find my right advisor?

Joining Right Financial Advisor is 100% FREE to sign up for investors looking for their right financial advisor.  We do not charge retail clients to sign up, and we do not sell your personal information to third party sources.

How can Right Financial Advisor be free?

Right Financial Advisor is free for investors.  However, we do charge financial advisors a monthly subscription fee to be on the platform.  If you are an advisor looking to join our platform and find the right clients for your practice please click here.

If advisors pay to be on Right Financial Advisor then how do I know I am getting matched to the right advisor?

Matching investors to their right financial advisor is extremely important to us, and we try to be as objective as possible in regards to the matchmaking process.  This is why we do NOT accept sponsored or paid listings, other than the subscription fee to be on the platform.  (The subscription fee is the same for all advisors to be on the platform.)  This helps to ensure investors that we are matching them to their right financial advisor in and objective manner.

What if I don’t like the advisor I am matched to?

First and foremost, there is no obligation to meet with or hire an advisor that you have been matched to. Once you have completed the basic questionnaire, the matching process will create a hierarchy of names that best matches your profile. The top two closest matches will appear on the screen. You will be able to see the advisor’s name, picture, description, and audio clip of their value proposition.  Should the first two names not provide you with the desired result, two more candidates will appear. In the unlikely event the four closest matches to your investment and personality profile does not create a satisfactory match, a customer service representative from Right Financial Advisor will contact you. Please refer to the terms of use policy of Right Financial Advisor Inc.

How do we get in touch with the advisor selected for a further evaluation?

Right Financial Advisor Inc.’s value proposition is based on the precept that a match has to be validated by both parties. Once you have selected an advisor to speak with, your profile is forwarded to that advisor to make sure that they want to initiate contact as well. It makes sure that both parties feel comfortable in starting the process. In almost all cases, the computer program will provide you an advisor that will want to start a conversation. Also, we have a program that allows both parties to choose a mutual time that is convenient to have a phone conversation and perhaps set an appointment to meet after that.

How do we know we can trust the advisor we are matched to?

Right Financial Advisor Inc. requires all advisors listed in our data base to undergo a vetting process. Our first step is to verify through FINRA BrokerCheck atbrokercheck.finra.org/ as well as through the US Securities and Exchange Commission www.sec.gov/investor/brokers.htm . We include a link to both agencies and urge you to go to these sites once you have established contact with an advisor but before you conduct any business with any advisor or broker or financial representative. Right Financial Advisor Inc. will also conduct additional background checks which may include a Lexus-Nexus check as well as other reporting agencies prior to allowing an advisor/broker/CFP/investment professional onto our platform. We conduct periodic reviews and should we become aware of any violations that are deemed serious enough, we will remove that individual immediately from our list of potential matches. In addition, each investment professional on our platform is required to sign a terms of agreement and a code of ethics disclosure. Should it become evident that an individual is not upholding the highest ethical standards and putting the client’s best interests ahead of theirs, as well as adhering to our strict policy of full disclosure, a notice of termination would be sent to that advisor and they would be removed from our system.

What does my financial professionals’ title mean?

There is a large variety of titles that financial professionals choose to call themselves. Some titles are generic while others are used to show a professional’s unique skill set, licenses, or fiduciary responsibility. Financial professional titles include, but are not limited to:  financial advisor, financial adviser, financial planner, investment advisor, investment adviser, wealth manager, asset manager, investment professional, financial representative, registered representative, registered investment adviser, broker, stock broker, money broker, etc.  For more information on what each title means we suggest that you conduct your own research through FINRA and/or the SEC.  You can follow this link to find some useful information from FINRA about “Choosing an Investment Professional”.  You can also open this PDF from the SEC  “Making Sense of Financial Professional Titles”.

PLEASE NOTE: Right Financial Advisor is a referral company. It is highly recommended that all individuals considering hiring an investment professional conduct their own due diligence. We also encourage meeting with at least two matches that are generated. Please refer to our questions to ask investment professional before your meetings. We also have included a list of the 7 most common mistakes when choosing a financial advisor as well as 7 of the best ways you know you have the right financial advisor.

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