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Vast Virtual Advisor Systems Technologies, Inc.


Treehouse and VAST work together to build distribution systems for consumer financial products. Treehouse, the parent company, creates technology applications and Web sites to present products and facilitate the online purchase process. VAST creates the distribution networks, using banks for example, that provide trusted sponsors for the products and drive their customers towards them to generate sales. See the sections of this site to get the detailed story.

Two New Projects!

Click on the links here to learn about how Treehouse is partnering with Aequalas to distribute the new Retirement Plus product and The Archdiocese of New York City (ArchCare) to develop a new online client enrollment system.

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VAST has created a virtual advisor online system which can be used to repackage traditional agent-sold personal financial products in a way that achieves for manufacturers greater efficiency, higher productivity, and a more consumer-friendly delivery to an underserved middle income market. It provides consumers the opportunity to build their own product solutions that provide financial security with greater expediency through a trusted relationship buying environment.

The virtual agent uses Internet technology to carry out the functions of a human agent in the sale of certain

financial products, including the following:

  • posing the consumer's risk problem
  • describing a product solution
  • determining the consumer's cost based on personal circumstances
  • allowing the consumer latitude to customize the terms of the program
  • presenting financial industry compliance information
  • obtaining consumer information pertaining to the approval process
  • obtaining consumer identification information
  • providing completed application forms to the consumer
  • (in some cases) automating the underwriting process and providing an approved policy document.

The virtual advisor's use results in a substantially reduced time and human effort to process financial product applications and the elimination of agent staffing costs from the application process. This allows financial companies to refocus the efforts of a smaller number of live agents on selling products that involve more complex explanation and underwriting investigation.

The consumer benefits by being able to provide financial (and perhaps health) information in a private setting, instead of through a conversation with a human agent in his/her office. Product information is presented uniformly to all customers, and information requested of customers is collected in a uniform manner. Information is provided to the virtual agent more accurately, since no insurance employee transcription from a paper form to a computer is required, and consumers are more likely to respond with honest responses to financial inquiries or health condition due to the privacy of the process.

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