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HP Advisor Dock

I was sent an email with a link to this site. I have no idea what my question that day was, and I don't know how to find the note from whomever sent it. Not sure if it was about OS, printer, or the laptop.

Here's the author's name as it appears in my email:4goodhelp (Visitor) I'm totally lost. Sorry.

Message in email:  

Hello 4321,

There has been 1 new message posted to your subscription on HP Support Forum.

There were two separate emails from this person. The "hot link" will not allow me to enter for whatever reason. It just shuts me down. ??????

If this is about a question I had about a pop-up window every time I reboot asking for the folder holding something like trayapp.msi. I waited so long for an answer (and I could not afford the high fees for a tiny question all

over Google), that I went to the registry and searched for the .msi item. Found it and blocked it. No more problems! And the software to take care of this would cost me about $30, or I could have a consultation for more. Not biting, not now, not yet. I'll try to find it on my own, and I did. So thanks. Maybe someone can let me know if this was about that pesky msi file.

BTW, for so many people offering "advice" on the Internet, I have learned NEVER to trust the software unless I know the company. I run into  FREE  all the time UNTIL I want to fix something. I just to "forget it." I got "hit" last month with some registry software. I was all the way in and they wanted $30, but I could get a refund. And so I did.!!!!!


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