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Indianapolis Colts Betting Lines

If you are one looking to bet on the Indianapolis Colts, this is the page for you. On it, you will find a complete breakdown of Colts betting lines available. Not only that though, you will be able to find out how to place a bet on the Colts, and where you can place a bet on them. So scroll down and check out what we have put together. Whether you are a fan of the Colts, or just like betting on the NFL, there should be something on here for you.

Odds for Colts games are formed by oddsmakers and used by sportsbooks in Vegas and on the Internet for wagering purposes. These odds are available throughout the course of the week leading up to the match up, all the way up until about five minutes before the game is slated to kick off. With no less than 20 opportunities to bet on the Colts in a single season, you should have no problem picking a game to put a few bucks on.

Weekly Betting Odds For Indianapolis Colts Games

Thinking about making a bet on the Colts? You're in luck, as there are a ton of game lines set down for Indianapolis match ups every week. We will get into all of them on this page, but the main game lines to talk about are the point spread, moneyline, and the game total. these are probably the three most recognized odds.

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Indianapolis Colts Player Prop Bets

Player prop betting lines for the Colts are formed every week for each game on the schedule. They relate to different outcomes outside of the game lines, but can also cover season-long outcomes. Check out and example of one below.

Indianapolis Colts - Player Prop Examples

Andrew Luck Total Passing Yards vs. Houston Texans

  • Over 249.5 Total Passing Yards
  • Under 249.5 Total Passing Yards

Bet on the total number of pass yards that Luck will have against the Texans in a game. This is the only outcome that the prop is based on, with the score to the game having nothing to do with the bet. Once Luck breaks 250 yards the over will take the victory but until then the under is the leader in the clubhouse.

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Indianapolis Colts Team Prop Bets

Team prop betting odds for the Colts centers around a variety of different bets for every game based on team performances, and not individual players. Below is an example of what you might see for a Colts team prop. But remember, there can be 20 or 25 props formed for every game.

Indianapolis Colts - Team Prop Examples

Total Number Of Offensive Yards For Colts In 1st Half vs Titans?

  • Over 175.5 Offensive Yards In 1st Half (+110)
  • Under 175.5 Offensive Yards In 1st Half (-130)

This is a team prop line for the Colts that deals only

with the offensive yardage they accumulate for the first half against Houston in a match up. The bet is won by correctly selecting which side of the yardage the Colts will fall on gong into the break. If Indy breaks 176 yards of offense, the over wins this wager. But, anything less than 176 goes to the under. The second half yardage or score has no effect on the outcome of this line.

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Live Betting On Indianapolis Colts Games

Game lines can come in a number of forms, and one of the recent trends taking on a head of steam at online sportsbooks of late is live betting. When betting live on the colts, you will be treated to a myriad of game props, player props, and team props as the game is happening. Not only that though, you will also find alternate game odds, over/under totals and more. Will every game of the Colts be able to be wagered on live? No. But there will be some during the season.

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Other Ways To Wager On The Indianapolis Colts

We have left out one major way to bet on the Colts, but we are going to get into that right now. Super Bowl odds, AFC Championship odds, and division odds are all examples of futures wagers in the NFL. Colts futures odds offer bettors the potential for high payouts in the long run if they end up being right. Think of the bragging rights you could have over your friends. The great thing about futures odds is that you can find them at online sportsbooks all year long.

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Best Sites For Wagering On Colts Games

Right below this content we have taken a minute to make a short review of the site we feel is best for betting on Colts games. We trust this site with our own funds when we want to get down on some NFL action. Also, be sure to note the betting site on the left as it also features some of the best lines for Indiana sports betting on teams within the state.

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Check out SportsBetting.ag for all the weekly lines on Indianapolis Colts games plus see their props and future odds too. Bet live on Colts games, or wager on the point spread before kickoff... whatever you wish is available at this site. And, SportsBetting.ag has a great bonus offer of 15 or 25 percent up to $900 on every deposit. They offer fast and safe deposit and payout methods for all players including those living in the U.S. and especially in Indiana.

Is sports betting legal in Indiana just because they accept players from your state? Well, it is not exactly legal, but there has never been an arrest for simply placing a bet online.

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