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List Brokers in Youngstown, Ohio

An easy way to get the names and addresses of MLM Opportunity Seekers is to rent mailing lists. Unless the mailing list company says otherwise, you are not allowed to copy the names and addresses for additional mailings. The fresher the mailing list, the better the response. Every month about 2% of the people on a mailing list move without leaving a forwarding address. So expect some undeliverable envelopes with even the best list. Even in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio.


Most people who livw in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio are familiar with the concept of diversification with a stock portfolio. You will be using this same concept with mailing lists. YOU MUST RENT SMALL QUANTITIES OF NAMES DIRECT FROM SEVERAL DIFFERENT LIST SOURCES TO BE DIVERSIFIED. Never rent more than 5,000 names from any one list source.


VERY IMPORTANT: WHEN ORDERING A MAILING LIST, BE SURE TO MENTION “THE NAME OF THE PROGRAM OR OFFER YOU ARE MAILING”. This way - you’ll get new names that have not been rented to anyone else. Also tell the list source to keep track of the names that you personally rent from them because you want new names every time you rent from the same list source. This applies even if you happen to live in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio.

Mailing lists are also advertised in mail order trade magazines. Even if you live in YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, you can write to several mailing list companies to obtain their price list.

You will have to test the names to find out how good any particular supplier is. Once you receive your mailing labels from the mailing list company, simply place the labels (most companies provide peel & stick labels) on your envelopes. Then insert your letters, seal the envelopes, apply stamps and put them in the mail.Or, you can mail postcards if you wish.

Continue searching for new list sources: don’t rely on anyone to find or refer list sources for you. You must work very hard to find new list sources that are not the well-known sources. The harder you work at finding new list sources - the more successful you will be at this business. The well-known list sources in places like List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio are overworked.That’s why you must continue to work hard at locating more and more new list sources.



Postcards : Can They Be As Effective as Envelope Mail?

When people think of direct mail marketing,
they often think of two things: letters and postcards.

You can't use as many words with postcards as you can in a seven-page mailer, but there's still a whole lot you can do with these seemingly small yet powerful pieces of paper.

==> The Magic of Lower Costs With Mailing Postcards

Mailing a postcard campaign can be as much as 40% cheaper than running a standard mail campaign. That means that instead of paying $3 a person, you're paying only $1.80 a person. That's a huge difference that goes directly towards your bottom line.With postcards, you can mail more people and still be profitable with a lower response rate.Even if you live in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio, this can work weel for you.

==> What Are Postcards Best Used For?

You shouldn't try to use postcards to sell products directly. If you're selling a $69.99 supplement plus a monthly subscription, that should absolutely be sold via mailer or a multi-step mailer. However, postcards can be a very cheap way to test a message or list. You can get a rough sense for whether or not you're looking at a live list at a much lower cost.

Postcards are also great for lead generation in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio, or anywhere you may live. Use postcards to drive people to an internet website or a call-in number. The cost per lead generated will be much lower than using standard mail.

==> What to Avoid with Postcards

The number one thing to avoid with postcards is appearing like a screaming salesman.That means avoid big bold "40% OFF!" signs and giant red headlines. First off, you risk getting your postcards tossed out by the post office in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio if you're extremely salesy. Second, most people sort through their mail over the trash can, ready to toss out any mail that sounds like junk mail. Instead, try to make your postcard appear as if it were coming from a friend who may live in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio. Use cursive writing printed. Do still use a headline, but don't make it look like a sales letter. Use a first class stamp. Not a printed one, but a real physical stamp. That'll help get your postcards through the post office, as well as help you get your mail read by the receiver. Try using different card sizes. Unusual sizes tend to get read. Extra sized postcards or even smaller than usual postcards can both catch attention in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio, or elswhere.

Mailing postcards successfully requires a slightly different mindset than direct mail. With direct mail, your goal is to create a sales letter that hits as hard as possible. With a postcard, your goal is to titillate and generate interest without giving too much away. Your goal should be to either get their address or their email so you can hit them with a stronger sales message through a different medium.


List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio
List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio
List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio
List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio

Here are the "Sales Letter with
Envelope Mailing Techniques
That Have Proven Most Successful...

* One multi-level program to an envelope.

* Do not include. any other offers, circulars or programs with your central MLM program.

* Present an image of success throughout your mailing piece.

* Present an image of success without presenting an image that success is achieved through great expense.

* Make your mailing piece stand out from many others by pre-senting an image of high quality.

* Make sure that your envelope has an appearance of quality.

* Always use the standard #10 envelopes for an MLM program.

* If you can afford to buy more expensive, better looking, high quality envelopes, get them.

* Address the envelope by hand only if you have good hand-writing or penmanship.

* If your penmanship or hand-writing is poor, then type the addresses on the envelopes or use peel and stick mailing labels.

* When using peel and stick mailing labels, always make sure that the placement of the label is clearly at proper angles, without skewing the label sideways on the envelope.

* When you're addressing your envelopes by hand for a blind mass mailing to strangers, never use red ink to hand-address the envelopes .

* Use black or dark blue ink, and do not address your envelopes in pencil.

* Personalize your envelope as much as possible.

* Always put your return address on your envelope. A typeset return address on your envelopes is much more appealing than a handwritten, rubber-stamped or typed return address.

* Use your personal name in your return address, just as if you were mailing a letter to a friend.

* Use your first name instead of using simply using initials.

* Unless your business name is well known in the MLM mailing industry, or unless you're trying to create name recognition for your business in the MLM mailing industry, don't use your business name as your return address.

* Use postage stamps instead of postage meters in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio.

* Use the patriotic "flag" stamps that are sold in rolls of 100 and 500. Don't use the"bird" stamps that are sold in books of 20.

* If you want to create attention, and if your presentation of your program has a certain degree of professionalism otherwise, then use commemorative stamps.

* Place your postage stamp at the proper angle and avoid skewing the stamp sideways on the envelope.

* Use high-quality materials in your mailing piece at all times.

* Get the highest quality copies of your mailing materials as you possibly can afford. Use unique types of paper when possible.

* Use one professional color in your mailing piece... soft shades and pastel colors work best.

* Avoid mixing clashing colors or exceptionally bright obtrusive colors in your mailing materials.

* Always include an enthusiastic cover letter with a multi-level marketing program. Good cover letters are an absolute essential with MLM programs.

* When possible, personalize your cover letter to your potential enrollees. Computer mail merges are helpful in person¬alizing letters for mass mailing purposes.

* When you're trying to enroll a specific person who may live in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio into your MLM program, try to write a letter as from one friend to another, even though the person may be a total stranger to you. Write a much longer letter in a more personal style.

* Emphasize the profit potential of your multi-level program. Analyze that potential and pre¬sent solid evidence of personal success in the program, or any knowledge of the success of others in that program in List Brokers for Youngstown, Ohio.

* Concentrate on the reader's desire for success by presenting examples of their potential for success in the program.

* Always express enthusiasm for your program, and compose the letter so that your enthusiasm is contagious to the reader.

* Never express doubts, no matter how small, about the profit potential of your program.

* If possible, include offers of downline support, help and advice in your cover letter.


The key to your success in multi-level mailing is the amount of professionalism you display in the presentation of your MLM program...more professional means more successful.


Using The New
Direct Mail to Internet

One of the biggest strides in direct mail over the last decade and a half is the advent of the "direct mail to internet" combination. This can work well even if you happen to live in YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO. In the past, marketers would use what's called a "one two" mailer to tease interest. For example, you might offer a free guide or report to be sent to someone. You mail that offer to a large list, then cultivate a smaller list of people who responded. That list gets marketed to much more heavily. The downside to this previous "one two" method is that it's very costly. Not only do you have to do an expensive mail campaign for a free product that you're not making a profit on, but you also have to send the free product and then more mailers until you have a sense of whether or not the campaign was a success.

The internet has changed all that. Now, you can do almost exactly the same thing, much more efficiently and for a far lower cost. This is very good news for people who live in YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, or elsewhere.

==> How the Combination of Direct Mail to the Internet Works

The combo works like this. A mail piece is sent out as a teaser. The mail piece has a strong benefit statement or promise, along with ample amounts of proof. Instead of asking someone to mail back or call for a free report, they're sent to a website instead. Each mail piece has a unique code, such as "X7PQL5" that the user needs to type in when they get to the site to get their freebie. Once the code is typed in, you'll know exactly who typed it in and what their address is, based on your mailer's database. You'll know if your prospect lives in YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, or anywhere else.

You now have a "hot" lead. You have someone who's expressed interest in what you're offering, someone who's much more likely to buy than a cold list.

==> The Magic of Using this Combination of Direct Mail and the Internet

What really makes this combo tick is how much cheaper you can do it than the traditional way. It doesn't take that much to get someone who may live in YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO to go to a web address. On the other hand, it takes a huge amount of effort to get someone to mail back a card.

That means that instead of having to do a two-page or a seven-page mailer, you can often get profitable results with just a postcard. A great postcard can drive a lot of people to your website, cutting down the price per mailing dramatically.

This technique opens up a whole host of other media that you can try out. You can try half page or even quarter page ads in magazines profitably, for example. This internet-based "one two" mailer is much more cost effective than the traditional method. It also tends to convert better, as people today often feel more comfortable entering personal information online than on a direct mail form.


MAILING FOR NEW MLM DISTRIBUTORS MEANS: You never run out of prospects; You can sponsor people all over the country; and You can build your downline fast with as little work as possible. Simply by mailing a sales letter or postcard

to high-quality mailing lists, serious prospects will respond to receive more information.


DO NOT rush out to mail 500 or 1,000 letters or postcards all at one time and then just sit back. THIS IS A MARATHON - NOT A ONE-TIME MAD DASH!  THIS MARATHON MAILING STRATEGY IS ALL ABOUT DAILY ACTIVITY - MAILING EVERY SINGLE DAY! You must develop your discipline for the long haul. I want to protect you from burning yourself out from a quick, one-time

large mailing. You must mail in small numbers.By mailing at least 30 letters every single day - you’ll have orders coming
in regularly. It builds up slowly - and then maintains a steady, regular flow of people coming to you .


A)You can easily assemble and mail 30 letters or postcards every day (taking into consideration limited time and money).

B)It’s been  proven that you need to reach 30 new people every day to successfully build a growing organization.

Your job is simply to be PERSISTENT with your daily mailings. The Sales Letter has already been proven to pull in the responses. The Information Package Materials have already been proven to get SHARP PEOPLE to sign-up.SHARP PEOPLE SEE THE OPPORTUNITY AND JOIN!

                                                                            Those people who FAIL to build their business STOP TO QUESTION whether or not their mailings are producing verifiable results. THEY TAKE BABY STEPS! These over-analytical people keep accurate records of their mailings and try to calculate their response rates and how many people they’ll sign-up from mailing X-number of letters. They spend a lot of time analyzing...and their conclusion is always...SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG!   LISTEN UP...Sometimes it’s possible to mail out 30 letters and get only one response and then no sign-ups at all. And then other times...you’ll mail out 30 letters and get 5 responses and sign-up 2 people!

Direct Mail Marketing is a SCIENCE AND AN ART COMBINED!

You CANNOT accurately project results because of the unknown variable in the equation...which is the list of 30 names (living, breathing human beings) that you are mailing to each day.

To satisfy this variable...all you can do is try different lists from different mailing list sources. Keep trying different lists. If you run into a list with a very poor response, NO PROBLEM - JUST TRY ANOTHER LIST!!!  MY PHILOSOPHY IS...THERE’S ALWAYS AT LEAST A COUPLE OF WINNERS (SHARP, BUSINESS BUILDER TYPE PEOPLE) ON EVERY LIST OF 30 NAMES! 

ALWAYS FOCUS ON YOUR OBJECTIVE - NEVER ON YOUR OBSTACLES. It is crucial to CONCENTRATE ON YOUR OBJECTIVE which is to sponsor a lot of people into the Company. When you do, you automatically diminish the perception of risk.           

YOUR POWER over this Direct Mail Marketing approach comes
from an understanding that “THIS IS A NUMBERS GAME”.  

IF YOU ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HOOK IN THE WATER - YOU WILL CATCH FISH! YOU HAVE TO - PERSISTENCE CONQUERS ALL THINGS!  By MINDLESSLY mailing a pre-determined number of letters (30) each day, YOU WILL NOT FAIL TO GET SIGN-UPS! Those people who over-analyze... who insist on having total control over ALL of the variables of Direct Mail Marketing - WILL ALWAYS FAIL!

THE ANSWER IS: ALWAYS MAIL YOUR PRE-DETERMINED NUMBER OF LETTERS EACH DAY and do not engage your brain to try to evaluate how well it is working! The truth is...IT IS WORKING and has already worked for countless numbers of people who have successfully built a huge downline! These successful people live in YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, and even all over the world.


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