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Energy Solutions

Let Energy Solutions take the hassle out of your energy procurement. Let us scour the energy market to find the right utility contracts for you, deal with any supplier issues, and reduce your energy usage, whilst saving you time, money and trouble.

Many facilities managers and financial directors manage their own energy portfolio. To help you get the best deal, we've created a brief step by step guide to energy procurement.

  1. Create a complete list of all sites that will be covered, including supply address, the full MPAN and MPRN, contract renewal dates, annual consumption and current supplier.
  2. Divide those sites into three groups: HH (Half Hourly), NHH (non Half Hourly) and gas sites.
  3. Your current supplier should be able to provide 12 months HH usage data for all applicable sites.
  4. Calculate the total consumption and expenditure for each group.
  5. Be aware that suppliers will want to talk about your credit status, deal with any issues that may arise.
  6. Estimate any savings you expect to achieve with regard to energy reduction and control.
  7. Send your tender to the suppliers. Be aware that some suppliers only supply HH sites, some only supply NHH sites, some only supply gas and so on. Be prepared to contact each company more than once, where different departments work on different fuels.
  8. Review the terms and conditions from each supplier – price should not be the only consideration.
  9. Review all supplier options – smaller suppliers can sometimes offer surprisingly good deals.
  10. Review the suppliers you are considering, including the ways that can assist you reduce your energy usage.
  11. Deal with any issues raised by the incumbent and new suppliers to ensure that the contract progresses as expected.
  12. Ensure that all metering contracts are up to date, that supplies have been specified correctly and the right size and type of electricity, gas and water meters are installed.
  13. Validate all bills and chase suppliers for any refunds that may be due.

We undertake the complete tender process on your behalf and always be on hand to answer any queries you may have, during the procurement process and for the life of the contract.

  1. Send us a list of your sites along with a signed letter of authority.
  2. We gather all the information required from suppliers,

    undertake the full tender process, including recommendations on contract timing.

  3. Review our recommendations and choose a supplier.

Once your new supply contract has been selected, we will handle your day-to-day energy requirements, from reconciliation with existing suppliers and the transfer of contracts to energy related queries and ongoing collection of consumption data.

We will:

  • Ensure the smooth running of all energy negotiations
  • Be the key link in all communications between You, Your Suppliers and other Third Parties
  • Identify and resolve all your procurement queries and solve them to your satisfaction
  • Identify future trends within the market place and make recommendations of how best Energy Solutions can meet your purchasing needs.
  • Maintain a personalised and consultative service through a successful business relationship.

Energy Solutions will run detailed data checks on all the sites/meters within your portfolio. This would include meter operator agreements, connection operator agreements, HH and AQ data checks to confirm actual consumption reflects contracted consumption and so on.

All of these services are provided to you with no direct charges

We are paid via a commission from the energy suppliers – all prices quoted are fully inclusive of all costs.

Whether you are looking at fully flexible, downwards only or fixed price contracts, we can help you find the right option. As specialist energy consultants with over 17 year experience in energy procurement we can help you and your business cut through the jargon and red tape and secure the best rates. We work directly with suppliers and through our partners can assist clients across the UK, Europe and in the USA.

How Energy Solutions can help you

Energy Solutions can scrutinise your existing energy contract to find better deals, cheaper suppliers and more flexible buying strategies whilst making sure that your energy is correctly billed with the right tariffs and metering (we find many cases where companies are wrongly billed and overcharged).

This is how we help medium to large enterprises save tens or hundreds of thousands.

Learn more about gas, electricity, water and corporate energy procurement

Many organisations are erroneously overcharged on their utility bills by 3-5% - click here to find out more about bill validation which checks your bills for inaccuracies and can be back dated to up to 6 years.

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