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Can't Find Flexible Dishwasher Air Gap Hose or Quality Air Gaps

    12-06-11,  02:39 PM #1

    I tried to install an air gap since I was replacing a kitchen faucet anyway, and the pre-purchase home inspector said my house did not meet code without it (California code). I thought this would be simple. Not so. 1) The 7/8" air gap hose from air gap to disposal was so stiff it literally ripped the threads off the plastic air gap, as the stiff hose yanked on it from vertical. There was no way to position the hose to take the tension off, it was that stiff. I went to another plumbing supply, and there's was just as stiff. 2) The air gaps I found are horribly cheaply made in China, with chrome plastic caps that get knocked off with the slightest bump. They stick up almost three inches above the sink. It's a nuisance. I tried to locate flexible 7/8" air gap hose, but all I could find was hose that made a reinforced radiator hose look flexible. Why these are so thick and stiff for something that has zero pressure I don't know. I would also like to find an air gap with a nice metal cap that stays on, and lower profile than one that sticks up almost 3 inches above

    the sink. If anyone has any sources for correcting these two items, it would be much appreciated.


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    12-06-11,  11:00 PM #2

    I like Waterstone air gaps. Solid brass and 30 or so available finishes. Short ones won't meet code.
    Decorative Air Gaps - Waterstone Faucets As for hose soak it in very hot water or place in a 120F oven for 15min. It will become very flexible. Don't burn down your house.

    Make sure to trim the hose to the perfect length. Route with gentle curves. Any bends that cause the hose to narrow (I.e. oval) will cause water to flood your counter when the dishwasher drains.

    12-07-11,  09:49 PM #3

    Thanks for the tips, rustybx. I'll give heating the hose a try. The Waterstone Air Gaps do look like quality units.


    12-24-11,  01:04 AM #4

    Zurn makes a quality Air Gap but it's ridiculous that they do not offer long shank designs or different colors/product finishes.

    The ones at the big box stores are usually unreliable for long term usage due to the shallow threads and the ability for collapsing the outer walls of the device.

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