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Men's USA

paddio  ratedIn every suit store, especiall...

In every suit store, especially Hugo Boss at Valley Fair, there's always at least one snobby guy who will not help you if you come in sloppy attire and not Caucasian/White. So that's expected. However, I'm pleased to say when I went to Mensusa & Henley greeted us immediately once he saw us. It took a while for people to greet us, but that's because the best employee there was near the back. Henley brought me along because I'm very meticulous about fitting and such. I'm a bit jealous of Henley because he can actually get stuff off the rack while I'm unfortunately am 5'5 and I swear the Gods thought it would be hilarious to punk me with short limbs. Because of the fact that I'm short, I have to get things custom tailored so luckily mom taught me how to pay attention to specific details about fitting and if I were to go to the tailor, what I should expect. So I'm pleased to say that Henley looked absolutely sharp. Even my mother checked all signs and forms and she signed off on it. I like the store philosophy. It's a store for MEN ONLY. It's a place where men can go by themselves and get a suit and feel not so embarrassed about it. So, I would like to recommend all men to leave their women at home or bring them along to the store so she can approve of the colours. However, DO NOT let the woman analyse your fitting. DO NOT DO THAT!!! Here's a big tip about women. Most young ladies don't know squat when it comes to form and fitting, especially in men's clothing. Women will copy what they see in magazines, but will not notice the detail most of the time. It's almost annoying when I see a woman says a pair of trousers fit on a man in a changing room when they completely don't. I feel so bad for the men entrusting the woman on clothing that I actually interupt them and tell them about crease breakage. Just because the men have the material, doesn't mean it's done right. Fitting matters. Women have no sense of fitting if it's not their clothing. MEN, PLEASE GO HERE and LISTEN to the employees there more. No more oversized clown suits picked out accidentally and ignorantly by the girlfriends. Sorry ladies, but even I have to admit, my girlfriend doesn't know squat when it comes to formal wear. Thank god, mom trained me. I love my mother. My dad is lucky to have a woman that actually knows that sort of stuff and is meticulous about it. She is a Mechanical engineer. Of course they're meticulous about form and structure!

Men's USA
angelapaul  ratedSo, I had this sweet Hugo Boss...

So, I had this sweet Hugo Boss suit I bought from Nordstrom, which happened to be my only suit. Then, somehow I decided to wash and dry the pants. Ruined. With two weddings coming up in the near future, I found myself checking out the MensUSA, because I missed the men's sale at Nordstrom. Well, my style consultant, aka girlfriend tagged along with me, because all I am is arm candy, so she gives the ultimate approval. She was concerned about the "fashion" or lack there of at an establishment like this. Let's just say the style is mature. This is, after all, where my dad buys suits. Unlike others' experiences, I personally received great service, even though I'm a...young professional...ya

that's the ticket. I was wearing jeans and flip flops, but seemed to be swarmed by people wanting to sell me stuff. I was greeted with a firm handshake and taken directly to the suits in my size. Despite my gf's concerns, I was able to find a nice flat-front suit. The price was definitely much cheaper than Nordstrom. The playing field seemed to level out once we got to the alteration. So, apparently if you wear a 48 long jacket, you're supposed to be 8 ft tall and weigh 400lbs, because the arms were the only part of this suit that didn't need alteration. I felt like a kid in my dad's suit, when I tried on the pants. So, I needed 5 cuts to make the suit fit. And they charged for every cut. That's shady to me. It's like oh, you want this suit to fit, bam 150 extra bucks. Nobody tells you this before you ring up. BTW, Nordstrom does not charge for alteration. This seems like a high-stakes hustle for the sales people, because they do a major hard-sell on the accessories. I found them a little bummed that I wouldn't buy any of their shirts, ties, socks, or shoes. I found the salesman a little rude to my girlfriend who was poo-pooing his shirt selections. When I came back to pick up my suit, I was very happy with the alteration job they did. It fits me perfectly. So, suits are pretty cheap, but they get you on the alteration. They really make you feel like a man and call you Mister. I don't like the alteration fees, but they do a damn good job. Salesmanship is pretty intense, which made me feel a little uncomfortable, because I don't have 1000 bucks to blow. So basically, you give and you get, but ideally, I wouldn't shop here.

Men's USA
suzancook  ratedI came here to buy two suits f...

I came here to buy two suits for my upcoming job interview, because my old suits were old fashioned (double breasted suit and the single breasted suit with vest). My old suits were hand-me-downs so you bet they were old fashioned. Of course, the double breasted style should be around (I think) but it's not as common as the single breasted styles. You know you have an old fashioned suit when your friend's younger brother says something like this, "Wow! Is that a double breasted tux? They still make those?!?!" There were a few customers in the store and just about the right amount of employees working given the amount of customers. I was helped by a salesman & the assistant manager. I told him what I was looking for and my budget. Immediately, he measured me and chose 4-5 suits that would be best for my needs. He was very knowledgeable about the suits (well you should if you worked at a suit store, right? =P) and answered all the questions I had. He had to help with other customers at the register which was fine. I just had more time to look at the suits and decide which ones I wanted. They had that promotion of buying one suit and get the second one for $100. Another employee came to help me, too. He got the pants that matched with the jackets that were "separateables." I tried on everything and he did all the measurements for the tailoring. Everything went pretty smoothly and I didn't have a problem. The employees had a sense of humor which was good. I wasn't hassled at all into buying any other things like dress shirts or ties. Overall, I thought I had great service and I wouldn't mind coming back to buy more suits from here in the future.

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