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Lorem ipsum dolor prumus versus lorem.

Lorem ipsum dolor prumus versus lorem.


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Lord Lundie returned, very little winded, through a gap higher up thehedge . On the other hand, if we had fired through thehedgeand wounded him he would soon have been on the top of us--to say nothin' of giving ourselves away. Instead of occupying the road along the ridge, they sprinkled themselves along the side of it behind the trees and thehedge , as if watching unseen for an enemy. About her seemed to hang the mist of the winterhedges , and the clear red of the bramble leaves. He led them within another but smaller circle ofhedge , where grew one large and beautiful bush. Before I forced my way back to the open side of thehedge , I thought it desirable to tear up the bills and letters, for fear of being traced by them if they were found in the plantation. The spectators suppose the sudden deflection to be caused by a shot, perhaps a wound; but take this field-glass and you will observe that he is riding toward a break in the wall andhedge . Thehedgewas a half-painted picture which would be finished in a few days. Presently the party, in full cry after an old blackbird (who was evidently used to the thing and enjoyed the fun, for he would wait till they came close to him, and then fly on for forty yards or so, and, with an impudent flicker of his tail, dart into

the depths of the quickset), came beating down a high doublehedge , two on each side. When Vassily came up, Levin told him to lead the horse to thehedge . However, I was so enamoured of this place, that I spent much of my time there for the whole of the remaining part of the month of July; and though upon second thoughts, I resolved not to remove, yet I built me a little kind of a bower, and surrounded it at a distance with a strong fence, being a doublehedge , as high as I could reach, well staked and filled between with brushwood; and here I lay very secure, sometimes two or three nights together; always going over it with a ladder; so that I fancied now I had my country house and my sea- coast house; and this work took me up to the beginning of August. Sikes clenched his teeth; took one look around; threw over the prostrate form of Oliver, the cape in which he had been hurriedly muffled; ran along the front of thehedge , as if to distract the attention of those behind, from the spot where the boy lay; paused, for a second, before anotherhedgewhich met it at right angles; and whirling his pistol high into the air, cleared it at a bound, and was gone. When Riderhood had run to his second windlass and turned it, and while he leaned against the lever of that gate to help it to swing open presently, he noticed, lying to rest under the greenhedgeby the towing-path astern of the Lock, a Bargeman. At the end farthest from the house they thickened into a continuoushedge . Then they were on the highroad and she sawhedgesand trees.

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