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I have registered My Account with Exness long ago, Unfortunately I could't get the chance to experience this broker, The problem is this broker doesn't cooperate with clients at all, they do not approve my account, I have send them my the scanned copies of my passport dozen of times but the reject and say it could be a facke dox so take a picture by a camera and sent it back, I did again and agian with a camra and mobile and despite sending it along with my National Identity card they still never approved the account its almost more than one year. the bad thing i ever seen is they even never bother to to inform you the reason or the alternate solution, everytime I have to go to live chat and ask them that why hasn't my account been verified yet and they start asking to send the dox again on chat as attachment even i did that many times still no action. I don't know they consider every client stupid or newbie probably, I have been trading for the past six years, and having accounts with XM, FXTIM,OCTAFX, HOTFOREX AND much more regulated brokers, they never had any single issue to get my

documents verified and here exness seems to be extra smart or regulated that all other brokers are stupid and exness is the one for which my dox seem to be fake, may be in dream. Remember! you are surviving totally based on the clients activities, if you are rich enough and don't need to help clients then get out of the business and lock the store, if you are in the market just becoz of clietns, then respect and help and accept the genuine documents, for me to travel all around the world my passport is valid and for you it is fake, i would say stupid broker nothing else. no single email regarding the issue no single call, just keep sending fooling promotional emails and i straightly kick them into the trash box without out reading. I don't even care if my this statement does hurt anyone of you guys, the truth is that I have provided all the genuine dox with high quality scan and photos everything, and their excuces are stupid reasons are not going to stop. so I would say Hotforex, xm , octafx and fxtime are the best, the rest are just scamers and dealing desk just to hunt people's hard earning

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