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Credit Suisse Review – Forex Brokers Reviews & Ratings | DailyForex.com

Credit Suisse is a Forex banking and investment company with headquarters in Switzerland and locations worldwide. Their comprehensive website www.credit-suisse.com, offers prospective customers and current clients a good amount of information that is presented in a professional, easy to read style.
Credit Suisse is an established and reputable Forex broker with an international presence and the website is designed to cater to customers at any of their worldwide locations. In their capacity as bankers, Credit Suisse provides a number of standard services such as personal banking, loans and mortgages, investments and wealth management. In addition to this, Credit Suisse offers expert consultations in regards to financial planning for all stages of life, whether a student, a first-time home buyer or someone reaching retirement age. Many financial planning tools and calculators are available on the website and the user can download and print articles and forms from the ‘publication shop’. In addition to providing personal banking and Forex services, including secure online banking, Credit Suisse claims to provide ‘innovative solutions’ to corporations and governments and gives personal profiles of their individual office heads and managers. As well as being interesting, this

gives the company a ‘human’ image, unlike many similar large, impersonal banking and Forex institutions. Credit Suisse has a hand in many humanitarian and sponsorship projects around the world, most of which are detailed in both the company newsletter and online magazine. Another helpful feature on the site is the Credit Suisse job section where students, graduates and banking professionals can search the company database for exciting international job opportunities. The company appears to have a particular interest in aiding students, providing an apprentice program and campus recruitments.

While Credit Suisse has obviously put a lot of care and detail into giving the consumer a detailed and information-packed website that covers all areas of the company, the disadvantage is that it can be a little overwhelming and is not always easy to navigate. Apart from this, and based on our Credit Suisse review, it really is the best site to learn about this esteemed institution.

Review info :
Broker reviewed :Credit Suisse Rating :6out of10
Reviewed By :Sara Patterson Review Date :2014-01-30

Category: Forex

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