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7 Legit Forex Traders to Follow on Twitter Right Now

Most of the Forex Twitter lists on the internet are full of analysts. That’s great, and nothing against analysts, but analyzing the markets and trading them are two entirely different things.

So if you want the short list of the very best traders to follow on Twitter, then this list is for you. Keep in mind, there are some great traders out there who trade well, but aren’t on Twitter or they don’t tweet much.

This collection of accounts is a list of people who are great traders (as far as we can tell) AND have an entertaining/educational Twitter feed.

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As a reminder, if you don’t already follow us on Twitter, follow us @backbaymarkets for daily updates on signal performance and insightful trading tips/analysis.

So without further delay here is the list…

1. @50pips

50 Pips Forex

50 Pips has been on Twitter for a long time and provides a ton of education and encouragement to traders worldwide.

Follow his tweets to get live news analysis, Forex charts and much more.

He usually replies to tweets from followers and is as helpful as he can be when aspiring traders have questions.

2. @priceactionkim

Kim Krompass

Kim Krompass has a huge Twitter following…and for good reason.

She actively tweets her trades and interacts with her students. If you follow her feed, you will notice that she is a consistent trader and day trades.

It is also interesting to see what her students do and how they improve.

Just like 50 Pips, she is very helpful and calls it like she sees it.

3. @fxforextrade

Mitchem ForexAndrew Mitchem is a professional Forex trader who used to be a farmer.

Yeah, for real. Like in cows.

He has an amazing story and his website is really easy to navigate.

A top Forex Twitter account to

follow for sure. When he is not flying his helicopter, he is teaching people to trade and trading for his personal account.

4. @JoelKruger

JK on FX

Joel is a former FX Analyst, turned pro trader.

Making the leap from analyst to trader can be a huge step. Not everyone can do it.

But Joel became successful and teaches others to do the same.

It is fun to watch his market commentary in real-time.

5. @ValBednarik


Valeria Bednarik is a trader and analyst for FX Street.

She sticks to tweeting about Forex, which is nice. Sometimes traders tweet more about their personal life than about the markets.

Just depends on what you are looking for I guess.

But if you want just Forex news and commentary from a real trader, this is an account to follow.

6. @JarrattDavis

Jarratt Davis trader

Jarratt brings a slightly different perspective to Forex education, in that he teaches people how to use fundamental analysis to trade.

But he doesn’t only teach.

He is also a top rated Forex trader. By Barclays, no less.

Highly recommended.

7. @ForexKong

Trade like KongThis guy is a beast.

Both in trading and (judging by his picture on his website) in real life too.

His tweets are edgier than most, so it is a nice change of pace.

No BS here.


If you trade for yourself, we hope that these Twitter accounts help you trade better and get insights into the market from proven traders. To start trading your own account, be sure to review our list of approved FX brokers.

Who is your favorite trader on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below…

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