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EA Creator - create Forex Expert Advisor without programming

EA Creatoris availableworldwideandcan be used with any Metatrader broker!Transform your own Forex strategy into Expert Advisor by yourself WITHOUT programming!

You can see usual forex trading automation cycle on the left. After watching and analyzing charts you get some idea of a new strategy, which you can check very fast by creating EA. If backtesting report looks nice, you may demo trade it for some time and have EA for earning real profits. Even if you have good EA, you can search for new strategies or tweak your old ones. The more profitable strategies you find, the more you can diversify your risk and make whole investment equity curve rising more evenly with smaller drawdowns. With EA Creator you can try many strategies and learn what really works for you much easier and faster.

Some of the features available (click to see a description):

• money management : ability to set maximum percent of equity you can loose on one order. Position size will be calculated according to account balance and stop loss. Very important when dynamic stop loss is used.

• decrease factor : decrease position size after defined number of loss trades happens
• risk management : slippage, maximum spread check, maximum drawdown limit
• various trailing stops: simple trailing stop, trail by candle, break even
• trading only at chosen time window
• automaticallystop/start EAwhen certain conditions happen
•flexibility : different combinations of signals used atdifferent market conditions
• dynamic stop-loss and dynamic take-profitset on position opening time, depending

onmarket volatilityor other rules
• information output (trace) levels: ability to choose how much information you want to get when testing or trading EA.
• information messages written to file, journal or sent by Skype or email
• simplified usage of custom indicators
• ability to use custom source code in combinationwith EA Creator logics
• signal types: candle patterns, standard and custom indicators, breakouts .
• ability toreverse strategyvery fast with changing just one or several EA inputs
• ability to usemartingalemoney management • Supports both 4 and 5 digit Metatrader brokers. • Works with instant and market execution.

    Click here to download EA Creator tutorial with visual examples

Try 5 days for free to assure that price is worth quality and features, which you will not find elsewhere on the market!

Why should I use Expert Advisor Creator?With EA Creator you will be able to try more different strategies easier and faster. Creating a really profitable EA is not an easy task so traders should spend more time and efforts on EA strategy analysis and not the technical implementation which can be automated. Traders without any programming knowledge can create advanced Expert Advisors, which would take weeks to program manually for experienced programmer.

EA Creator is useful for programmers as well - it saves much time and it is possible to integrate your custom programmed signals in combinations with logic created by EA Creator.

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