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Speculator Snowmobiling Conditions 1/21/13

Early Tuesday AM Update: 2 inches of new snow here at the ilsnow.com storm center. Got a report of 3 inches out of Morehouse. Less snow than I expected, but the snow to liquid ratio was about 20:1 instead of 30:1 which means the snow actually has some body to it, as opposed to being air masquerading as snow……

I did a little “drive-by” recon mission around Speculator today. Word is that the village trails are well groomed, but bony. Lake Pleasant had pretty good snow cover. There is a major hazard on the river trail leading to the Tree Farm on trail C4 just past HM100. Be really careful if you go through there! Both ends of Perkins Clearing looked a tad snirty, but looked like it was groomed recently.

Further west, the Spy Lake trail had considerable dirty snow by the Route 8 crossings at Oxbow Inn and Casey’s Corner. I heard word that trails around Piseco/Oxbow were bony but the groomers were doing

what they can with them. North end of Powley Road looked like it was recently groomed.

Two Miles from Hell between Perkins Clearing and Lewey Lake had a decent amount of low chop, especially toward the Lewey Lake end where it was somewhat bony. However, the trail is entirely passable with just a few small water spots. A comb-over with the groomer would reap a nice benefit through there.

Indian Lake was a patchwork of glare ice and minimal (inch or less) snow cover as yesterday’s windstorm blew most of the new snow off the lake. I did see a couple of snowmobilers riding it on my way home.

Snow pack was about a foot-plus in most spots that I measured near Route 30.

Midweek Snowmobiling Outlook:

Similar to what I said yesterday. Bottom line is that we need more snow to work with, but nearly everything is rideable. You just need to be smart about it.


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