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Sample Personal Statement for Fulbright Scholarship

Personal statement’s are written and edited by Tim Cleary, the head of the admissions team at BrightLink Prep. He can be reached at tim.cleary@brightlinkprep.com.

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Over the past year or so I have been getting a lot of requests from students in Pakistan regarding sharing a sample personal statement for the Fulbright scholarship.

This sample Fulbright personal statement has been shared with me by an anonymous but successful Fulbright applicant who has allowed me to share her personal statement on this blog. It can be used as an example to give you an idea of how to write and structure your own personal statement for the Fulbright program in Pakistan.

If you feel you need a little extra help, you can always contact me to check if I can help but please DO NOT copy chunks from this statement of purpose, or plagiarize them directly. You will not only lose your chance of getting the Fulbright scholarship but it is also unfair to copy someone’s original work. Simply use this to as a reference guide for writing your own authentic personal statement.

Before you go on to read this sample personal statement for Fulbright scholarship, let’s do a little exercise to warm you

up for writing your own statement of purpose.

So here it goes: Which of the following sounds more appealing?

I went down the building to the cafeteria, which looked good, and bought a burger that I ate.


I strolled down the building as the cafeteria fragrances wafted through the air. I then bought the best chicken burger I have ever tasted.

Of course you would say that the second one is better. This is so because it is more descriptive and creates a more vivid and inspiring picture in your mind. But at the same time it requires the right set of words to describe the situation which is slightly more challenging.

So a word of advice – just write more descriptively so that its all the more exciting to read!

Some examples:

BORING: I performed in my first GRE exam today.
EXCITING: I blew the GRE test away in my first attempt.

BORING: I ran an antivirus, and got the computer to work
EXCITING: Ignoring risks and malfunctions, I did a complete antivirus run on my new computer.

Just know that you all have remarkable stories to share – you just need to dare to be more descriptive!

Click here to view the sample personal statement for the successful Fulbright Scholar in Finance!

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