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Carbon Management Company

Civil and public buildings and facilities1

Civil and public buildings and facilities

Carbon Management Company (CMC) is available to provide the full-service design and fabrication of civil structures and buildings, such as plants, warehouses, grocery stores, and shopping centres. CMC’s experienced engineers and designers are well-equipped for all projects — from small restorations to even the most complex structures — delivered with integrity, on time and on budget.

Metal sheet constructions1

Metal sheet constructions (storage tanks etc.)

Steel structures always take part in each project for industry. Therefore these are naturally included in our scope of offered service. Storage and handling tanks for petrochemical and chemical industry are one of our fields of expertise. Our qualified personnel, equipment and experience make us the best choice for complex and demanding engineering construction.

Industrial buildings and facilities1

Industrial buildings and facilities

CMC delivers complex process plants and production facilities, including steel construction, piping, tanks and processing equipment, such as heat exchangers, stacks, heaters, boilers, columns and reactors, compressors, pumps and others, together with its auxiliary and internal outfit.



CMC specializes in engineering projects for a wide-range of industries and applications, including chemical, oil and gas, storage, as well as civil structures, and public buildings. CMC offers full service design-build contracting, from surveying and design, right through to technical consultancy and engineering supervision during construction.

Large span buildings1

Large-span buildings and structures

CMC has the know-how to construct quality and cost-effective large-span buildings and structures, such as stadiums, arenas, and hangars.



We deliver construction, fabrication and installation services for the offshore production and drilling rigs, facilities and structures. We are also able to send the team offshore before the installation surveying for the necessary preparation, arrangement or design.

Carbon Management Company (СМС) specializes in the design and construction of steel structures and buildings according to the world’s latest standards and requirements, delivered on time. CMC’s fully-equipped Ukraine-based production facilities (including galvanizing bath) are capable of producing more than 1,500 metric tonnes of steel a month, with the ability to source more, when needed, from CMC’s partners in Ukraine. (Located in Kyiv, Bakhmut, Cherkassy, Chernigiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Zhytomir, and Rivne).

CMC is headquartered in Sarnen, Switzerland — with offices in Canada, Ukraine and Russia.

CMC’s affiliated companies include a diverse group of global businesses that operate in a range of industrial commodity sectors — metals, agriculture, electricity and carbon.

Goal, Mission and Cores Values

Carbon Management Company (CMC) strives to solve your most complex construction challenges with a commitment to safety, integrity and quality.

CMC’s mission statement:

• Always client-oriented;• Offer the best price-quality ratio for construction projects; • Deliver

a premium quality product; • Innovative ideas; • Ensure projects are completed on schedule and on budget; • Collaboration with all design-build project team members; • Deploy our knowledge and best efforts in order to come up with innovative, efficient solutions according to the limitations and challenges arising throughout project delivery;

• Maintain a safe work environment.

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Why Carbon Management

Carbon Management Company (CMC) is a full-service supplier and contractor available to complete the clients’ project on time and on budget. CMC sources its high-quality steel in Ukraine where it can be produced at a lower cost than in North American and other European markets, and passes the savings on to the client.

Ukrainian steel fabrication exports know no boundaries, giving Ukrainian manufacturing companies a competitive and cost advantage on export markets. The one-way free trade zone with the EU has encouraged Ukrainian businesses to expand exports.
The significant devaluation of the local currency Hryvnia has allowed Ukraine to become competitive on the global market thanks to low-cost production. Labour, raw materials and other production costs have declined significantly in U.S. dollars. In particular, labour intensive industries are benefiting the most.

Most of cost components are significantly lower in Ukraine than in other European and American countries, a key factor in selecting a manufacturer.

Significant Technical experience of our engineering, design and production staff. The detailed engineering and design phase are the key steps in a project planning and adjustment. Carbon Management Company develops plans to ensure that the designs reflect Clients’ requirements and facilitate construction of facilities that meet the Clients’ strategic objectives.

The client benefits from steel constructions sourced from Ukraine, as they get a premium quality product for competitive prices - At Carbon Management Company, we do everything we can to optimize outcomes under Bid-Build General Contracting, such as providing feedback on design drawings using our fabricated metal constructions, that can help to lower costs and deliver a perfect product. - Cost-effective and provide the best possible required components of a project. - Massive worldwide database allows for accurate pricing. - Our integrated capabilities and equipment fleet makes CMC efficient. - CMC successfully co-operates with leading project partners, allowing for efficient project management.

- Our people are experienced at executing projects of all sizes and types

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