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We create investment and economic development opportunities in emerging markets. We specialize in the development, investment and management of a diverse spectrum of businesses in agriculture, agribusiness, and commodity monetization.

The International side of Burlington Capital began in the mid-1970s when Michael Yanney, with the able assistance of several global agriculture partners, developed over 30 agriculture production projects in the USSR during the height of the Cold War. Over that 15-year-period, Mr. Yanney was able to establish a strong and reliable deal-making reputation in the Region. After the Iron Curtain fell, and the region began to stabilize as independent countries, Mr. Yanney saw the opportunity to invest capital wisely with the support of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and was successful in forming a private equity investment fund with a focus on agribusiness in the region. Agribusiness Partners International (API) a $100 million fund invested in eight agribusinesses in the region, covering a broad sector of from an integrated poultry operation, dairy and milk processing to food packing and glass containers, bottled water and sparkling wine companies. The fun successfully exited all the business by 2007.

Those early experiences and successes in Russia, along with the Agribusiness Partners International fund, have served as the foundation for the International growth of the company. Over the years the International team has been able to leverage its experience and knowledge to partner and to develop the relationships with the most innovative and respected international agriculture companies, domestic and foreign government agencies, not-for-profits/ non-governmental organizations and institutional investors.

In developing these partnerships, the international team has been able to continue to broaden its focus on international agriculture in over 26 countries. The International teams’ global experience encompasses.

Within the International team, we have subsidiaries that focus on providing specific services and add value to our partners in

pursuing specific opportunities and objectives. These entities are “Cantera Partners” and “Agribusiness Management Company”.

Cantera Partners, LLC (Cantera) (www.canterapartners.com), is focused on and dedicated to bringing together public and private sector partners and resources in creating and implementing long-term, sustainable developmental and commercial activities in emerging economies. Cantera was founded in 2000 and is based in Omaha, Nebraska with offices in Washington, DC.

Cantera’s core business has been focused on partnering with Non-Government Organizations (“NGO”) and Private Voluntary Organizations (“PVO”) in pursuing and executing US Government Food Aid initiatives through USDA Food for Progress and USAID Food For Peace programs. Cantera has assisted it’s partners in successfully pursuing and monetizing over $150 million dollars’ worth of USDA and USAID-allocated commodities all over the world. Cantera has also assisted in developing over 50 commodity monetization strategies for USDA Food for Progress and USAID Food for Peace initiatives for over a dozen different NGO’s and PVO’s in over 20 countries since its inception.

In pursuing these initiatives, Cantera specializes in providing commodity monetization and market analysis, commodity monetization transaction services and program/proposal development to its clients.

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The Burlington International Agribusiness Management Company has a long history of being a leading global private equity investment firm focused on investing in agribusiness and ancillary businesses in the emerging markets, with primary concentration on the Former Soviet Union (“FSU”) and Eastern European countries. Recently the company has branched out to provide agriculture advisory and agriculture management services to private sector and institutional investors in North America and other countries around the world.

These services include:

Agricultural advisory and agricultural management services:

  • Identify farmland opportunities
  • Extensive due diligence on farmland assets
  • Risk and return analysis
  • Recognize and develop alternative farmland structures
  • Efficient and effective land and production strategies
  • Implementation of best management practices
  • Develop the asset into a market leader
  • Advise on new and innovative technology
  • Exit Strategies

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