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Broker Trading Software Platform | ETNA

From order entry to execution and post trade compliance

ETNA Trader is a broker trading software platform. ETNA's objective is to democratize trading technology and empower financial services businesses with the most powerful broker trading software.  High IT costs have long rendered advanced trading brokerage software inaccessible to small and medium-sized firms.  ETNA's broker trading software platform is set to change this paradigm.

Whether you are a small startup or a trading executive at a bulge-bracket firm, our pay-as-you-trade pricing plans are extremely scalable and affordable. Our team of senior developers created custom broker trading software platforms for major investment banks,  trading firms and brokerage houses since 2002.  ETNA Trader is the brainchild of this knowledge capital, coded into one intuitive web trading platform.

  • Intuitive DnD Interface
  • Complex Options Strategies
  • Back Office for Full Control
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Smart Order Routing

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  • Web Platform running in a web browser
  • Modern UI for Intuitive Trading
  • Personalized Trading with Customizable Layouts

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  • Trade from anywhere, anytime
  • Options support
  • Real-time Market Data
  • Native iOS and Android Apps

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  • Web Back Office with full admin control
  • Smart Order Routing
  • Built-in Compliance Engine
  • Clearing, Market Data and Execution neutral

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Every broker-dealer has special requirements to their broker trading software platform. ETNA Trader is flexible to fit your business needs. We integrate proprietary tools that differentiate business on demand and creates easy to use widget designer with the latest and greatest tools in frontend and back office technology best practices.

  • Reduce recurring IT costs
  • Stay competitive with a modern product
  • Launch new producst and services within weeks
  • Deliver your unique value proposition while ETNA manages standard trading routines.

Technology has changed the electronic trading industry immensely over the last 10 yeas. A new generation of self-directed investors and traders

require a new tool set. Mobile and cloud trading software platforms is becoming a standard for the industry. ETNA's web-based trading platform for brokers is easily accessible from any device with a web browser eliminating sftware downloads, installations and updates.

  • No hassle of downloading and installing software
  • Trade from any device that has a web browser
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Easy maintenance for brokers and trading firms
  • Native mobile apps optimized for the best trading experience

ETNA Trader offers a set of RESTful APIs for broker trading software platforms. It is a well documented comprehensive technology, extremely compatible with third party technologies.

ETNA Trader scales as demand grows. Founded on the most advanced web technologies and hosted in cloud ETNA's broker trading software platform easily adapts to any IT environment.

Choose your own market data provider, execution venue and clearing house. Take advantage of pre-integrated connections or just ask us to help to connect to new venues and providers.

Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing plans are aligned with our clients business growth. We offer affordable usage-based pricing and open to discuss revenue sharing.

ETNA's broker trading software platform is multilingual and currently supports English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Russian. New languages are easy to add. Explore new markets or go global with ETNA Trader!

Your imagination is only the limit while using ETNA's Widget Designer and REST API. Connect to a plethora of 3rd party trading apps. Got a great tool for trading? Send us a message to see if your app can be added into our Widget Store.

ETNA Trader provides 24/6 email support. Our in-house support specialists are well trained and ready to help if any questions or issues. Focus on business activities while ETNA takes care of the technology side.

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